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New Orleans Saints season prediction review

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So playoff predictions? Why not, lets get bold. The Saints beat Carolina again. WR Devin Funchess is not elite, and he’s hurt. Cam Newton is as erratic as any QB around. The Saints win if they a) keep Newton in the pocket and get pressure on him. They don’t even have to get 4-5 sacks, they just have to make him throw uncomfortably.

And b) bracket Greg Olsen. Olsen didn’t play in either game against the Saints this season, but he will be healthy and a factor. He’s Newton’s safety blanket. If they can keep Olsen from beating them, they win.

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Kenny Vaccaro was usually tasked with covering Olsen, and often struggled. While it’s likely Vonn Bell will have that task, they could really go with a nickel and cover him with a corner and maybe fare better. You have lockdown with Lattimore and very good coverage on the other side with Crawley. No reason you couldn’t go with another corner to cover a great TE.

I won’t go further than that, though I have my thoughts on those as well. One game at a time. Let’s just enjoy having made it again, and appreciate each battle individually. Who Dat!