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New Orleans Saints season prediction review

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Atlanta I

The Saints were dealt the tough hand of having to play three of the last four games against divisional opponents. Two of those against Atlanta. My prediction was that the Saints would beat Atlanta in Atlanta to begin that four game stretch.

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The Saints played pretty solid defensively, with three takeaways. But injuries and penalties spelled doom for them on the road. The Saints had 11 penalties to Atlanta’s four. There were injuries, particularly the one to Alvin Kamara. Points cam off the board at the end of the first half. And the Saints had the last ridiculous penalty, giving Atlanta the game clinching first down. Yet the Saints only lost by 3 points.

The Jets

The Jets were a mercurial team throughout the season. Always more down than up, they showed moments where they were very good. And they typically present matchup problems for the Saints, as their defense is usually very tough. The Saints were the better team, particularly with Jets backup QB Bryce Petty starting. But the Saints simply didn’t get much going before finally pulling away well in the fourth quarter to win.