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The Who Dat Dish Podcast – Episode 20, 20B, 21 summary

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The Who Dat Dish Podcast – Episode 20B Summary

Let’s start off first as always where you can find the podcast link. Click here to be brought to episode #20B.

For those who missed it, episode 20B covered a wide spectrum of football related topics! Dayton and Tyler preview the Week 9 divisional clash with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We also analyze other NFL headlines and answer FAN-tastic social media questions

Topic #1 Dayton, and Tyler in the first segment preview the Saints/Buccaneers match-up. With the Buccaneers in control of a very dominant offense despite the losing record, will this divisional opponent give New Orleans any issues? The two discuss whether or not they believe the Saints can pull out another win and what it will take for that to happen.

Topic #2 For the second segment, Dayton and Tyler discuss the latest headlines not only from the Saints, but the National Football League as a whole. This includes the injuries to quarterbacks Andrew Luck, and Deshaun Watson. Also discussed were the latest injury reports for Saints, and more.

Topic #3 For the third, and final segment of the night Dayton and Tyler take a look at what the listeners have to ask. As mentioned previously, Dayton, and I love getting involved with our Saints community so we took to Facebook, and Twitter to answer your questions!

What’s going on with Saints CB Delvin Breaux?

What’s the current situation with DE Hau’oli KIkaha?

Why does Drew Brees not look like his previous self?

These are only some of the questions Dayton and I answered during this podcast. So take a listen and see what we said!