The Who Dat Dish Podcast – Episode 20, 20B, 21 summary

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The Who Dat Dish Podcast – Episode 20 Summary

Let’s start off first as always where you can find the podcast link. Click here to be brought to episode #20.

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For those who missed it, this episode was an amazing review of the Saints victory over the Bears. And also an opportunity to hear our thoughts about both teams going forward. Overall, this episode brought the final thoughts and closure to the exciting Week 8 match-up. This episode featured guest Larry Dyer of the Chicago Bears Review Podcast.

Larry Dyer’s Podcast – The Chicago Bears Review can be found here

Topic #1 The first segment focused solely around the Saints and Bears game. Highlights of the game, general statistics, comparisons of how we thought players would perform versus and how they actually fared. Also, who we think performed the best from both teams.

Topic #2 The second topic of the evening dove into specifics about both teams. Dayton and Tyler gave their opinions on where they thought the Saints were currently standing. That included playoff chances and individual team awards. Although Larry wasn’t as hopeful for his Chicago Bears going forward, he also gave his predictions for the season amongst other information.

Dayton, and I (Tyler) just want to give a quick shout, and thank everyone who’s been able to make this amazing podcast possible. The show is already over twenty episodes in, and honestly, we couldn’t be more excited to be bringing you the latest Saints news, information, and headlines. And that of course with our opinions!