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New Orleans Saints ahead of schedule at the halfway mark

NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 29: Alvin Kamara
NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 29: Alvin Kamara /
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The Saints have now played exactly half of their schedule for the 2017 season. After opening the season 0-2, they have reeled off 6 straight victories.

Many already have read of the history of teams opening 0-2 then going on a winning streak of this nature – it’s a good history. The fact that the Saints are at this point is something of a miracle, and it’s obvious they are ahead of schedule at this point in reference to expectations.

Even many of the most bold prognosticators would have had trouble seeing this developing. The Saints looked to have improved but to what extent was unknown. There are naysayers out there too, still. The Saints haven’t played a great defense. The offense is still sluggish. They haven’t faced a great QB. Temper those folks with the realities.

The Saints have played 4 teams with arguable top 10 defenses (Carolina, Minnesota, Miami, and Chicago) and are 3-1 against them. Our Black and Gold still features a top 5 offense despite not looking like our offenses of the last few seasons.

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As for QBs faced, we can only play who the opponents roll out against us. We’ve faced 5 teams with top rated QBs. 3 of them played hurt (Newton, Stafford, Winston), one was out altogether (Rodgers), and the healthy one we lost to (Brady). That is no fault of the Saints. As well, we went out and fairly well beat up on some teams defensively, so we have done what we should have.

My prediction for the second quarter of the season was surpassed. My overall was for the Saints to go 10-6, and during this second quarter of the season they were to go 3-1. They were to be 5-3 by the midway point. In my wildest thoughts 4-0 couldn’t have been imagined for this quarter. Injuries to Stafford and Rodgers did play into that number being surpassed to be sure.