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Halfway point: how Saints stack up in the NFL statistically

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The “season of turnaround” for the Saints has been one of the most impressive to watch. And crunching the numbers through the halfway point heightens the experience.

The 2017 NFL season is reaching its halfway point, and week 8 brought us even more exciting football. The Seahawks pulled out an epic win after a shootout with the Texans. Then, less than 24 hours later, traded for Houston’s top offensive tackle. Carolina embarrassed New Orleans’ upcoming opponent, and Jimmy Garoppolo became the face of the 49ers franchise.

But, all of this news was not nearly as large for Saints fans as was the team’s victory on Sunday. New Orleans defeated Chicago, at home, 20-12, marking their 5th straight win. “Oh how the turntables,” as Michael Scott would say, for the Saints, who started the season 0-2 before reaching this peak performance.

That record vaulted New Orleans into the discussion of the best teams in the league this season. Some power rankings feature New Orleans in the top 5, while most have placed the team in the top 10. It’s more than fair, and it has Who Dat Nation in a groove.

I wanted to see how the Saints ACTUALLY stack up against the rest of the league. These rankings are just opinions. On paper, with facts, where do the Saints find themselves compared to the other 31 teams? This will help give a better perspective as to the placement of the Saints amongst 2017 NFL royalty through the halfway point.