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Saints and the NFC South, a roundup

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New Orleans Saints (4-2)

The formula for the New Orleans Saints’ success has been simple. It’s one all Who Dats have known for years, as we saw it to better effect in some of our more successful seasons:

  • One: play OK defense. We don’t have to be great, we just must be middle of the pack. We currently sit 16th in points allowed. Check.
  • Two: win the turnover battle. We should give our offense more opportunities with the ball. We are currently 5th in the NFL in turnover differential – 10 takeaways to 5 giveaways (all 5 coming in the last 2 games…). Check.
  • Three: better balance on offense. We are a passing team by nature, but we need to get more out of our running game. To be successful, the Saints really need to be around a 60/40 pass/run ratio. Currently the Saints are running the ball 43% of the time. Check check!

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All this helps lead to the Saints scoring 28.5 ppg while giving up only 22.2. We are 4th in scoring offense and 16th in scoring defense.

I’m not a conspiracy guy, but numbers are interesting. In every season the Saints have been top 10 in scoring offense and better than 20th in scoring defense, a playoff date has emerged.

It’s only 6 games in. The Saints have other solid teams in the 10 games left, including 5 more division games. It’s just nice to have the Saints looking down at the rest of the league instead of up.