Saints and the NFC South, a roundup

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A quick look at our New Orleans Saints and our NFC South brethren displays the parity (some may say poverty…) of the NFL.

Currently our Who Dats are in first place in the division at 4-2. The first third of the season has been very odd for the Black and Gold. They began 0-2, looking like a competitor for the number one pick in next year’s draft. But the defense has since gotten its act together. After giving up 1025 yards of total offense in the 2 opening losses, the Saints D has given up 1081 yards in the 4 consecutive wins.

Naysayers would look at the Saints schedule and say they played against poor competition. Carolina’s Cam Newton and Greg Olsen were injured in Week 3. We played a Miami team with significant injuries on defense and Jay Cutler at QB in Week 4. Detroit’s star QB Matt Stafford was not mobile due to injuries in Week 5. And after Green Bay played one game without a single offensive tackle, they later left QB Aaron Rodgers out to dry and he’s likely done for the season.

Saints fans look at it differently. You can only play the team that rolls out in front of you. It’s through no fault of the Saints that these teams were “deficient” at one spot or another. Miami found a way to beat Atlanta with Cutler at QB. Carolina beat New England in Foxboro the week after losing to the Saints. And though Stafford couldn’t move well and had a farm of pigskin batted away, he still threw for over 300 yards and 3 TDs.

So, it’s not as though the Saints were simply taking complete advantage of lesser teams. The Saints went out and played better football and won games.