Saints: Tony Twillie’s observations from the cheap seats, the Lions game

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The turn

But things took a turn and then the Saints found themselves only 7 points up after much of what could go wrong did. Credit Detroit for making the Saints pay for some mistakes and forcing the issue. We could speak of how poorly the Saints performed. And it should be mentioned because it’s the same players that put them up 45-10 who allowed that lead to slip.

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Detroit took what the Saints gave, which was plenty in the second half. From that 9-minute mark, the Saints offense went as follows: fumble, punt, punt returned for TD, punt, interception returned for TD, punt, punt.

8 possessions, one TD. That’s a combination of Detroit stepping up their defensive game and the Saints absolutely laying a second half egg on offense. Were it not for Cam Jordan’s batted pass caught by himself for a TD this game could have ended much differently.

Instead the Who Dats held on through a mostly good defensive effort for the 52-38 victory. The defense was really the highlight of the game. This is the same defense that surrendered over 1000 yards in the first 2 weeks of the season. While they gave up 347 yards of offense to Detroit, many of those were empty yards. The defense was only responsible for 3 Lion TDs. More importantly, the defense had 3 takeaway touchdowns. The last time the defense had an interception returned for a touchdown was 2012. And the last fumble returned for a touchdown was in 2015. Sloppy tackling aside, this defense looked stout.