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Saints: Tony Twillie’s observations from the cheap seats, the Lions game

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Who Dat Dish’s Tony Twillie gives his take on the Week 6 showdown between the Lions and the Saints. As always, it’s the view from the cheap seats.

The intent through 2.5 quarters of football was to sit there and gush on your 3-2 New Orleans Saints. At that point the score was 45-10 and the game was salted away – or so we thought. With 9:13 left to go in the 3rd quarter, the Saints seemed to have every answer for the Detroit Lions. At least that was the view from the cheap seats.

After opening the game with 20 yards in 5 plays, the Saints scored a defensive TD on the ensuing possession. They then scored on every offensive possession in the first half, save for the fall forward to end the half after Detroit turned it over on downs at our one-yard line. Everything was going the Saints’ way and this contributor was conjuring how many ways to praise this team.