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Could trading Sean Payton be the answer for the New Orleans Saints?

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Indianapolis Colts

This may sound weird, but the Colts may actually be the best team to discuss trades with and to make things even weirder, not a single defensive player would be in the asking price. Why are the Colts so perfect? Well for starters, they are struggling and seem unable to do anything without Andrew Luck, but they are also frustrated with Luck’s injury concerns. Thus most likely they will be interested in fielding offers for change as well.

Enter a Payton/Brees midseason trade. Here we would trade Payton (who the Colts were interested in last season) and potentially Drew Brees in return for Andrew Luck and some other pieces potentially. This would solve the Saints woes about who their future quarterback will be while keeping them competitive. Then for the Colts, it solves their need for a better head coach as well as a hall of fame QB to replace their stud. This would be the only deal that would be able to pry Luck out of Indianapolis and honestly is one of the more intriguing offers for the Saints.

It sounds absurd but think about it. That’s $40 million to go out and get a new head coach (like Patriots defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia or equally equivalent offensive mastermind Chip Kelly) or other roster pieces as well as a franchise QB in Andrew Luck, all for the asking price of a coach and franchise QB who may be on their way out anyway.