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Saints: Tony Twillie’s observations from the cheap seats

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Playing with the rules and Vaccaro notes

New England style

New England is famous for using the rules to their advantage when not breaking them. They scored on what is typically known as a pick play – where one receiver intentionally blocks a defender to free up another receiver. A flag was thrown on the play but picked up by the officials because the pick occurred in a legal position, within a yard of the line of scrimmage. The Saints turned around and used a similar pick play to score a TD later in the game.

Kenny Vaccaro

Kenny Vaccaro normally plays all or most of the defensive snaps. His coverage skills were so poor in this game that he was benched for much of the second half, playing in only 64% of the defensive snaps.

He was in on a nickel defense and intercepted a pass but was called for defensive holding on the play. That negated the interception and drew the wrath of coach Sean Payton as he was again pulled off the field.

Payton was in his earhole yelling at him and Vonn Bell played many of the defensive snaps in the second half. This type situation will only strengthen the notion that Vaccaro is on the trade block.