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Will Adrian Peterson fit in New Orleans? Saints will find out this week

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Outcome Two: Saints get in Shootout and Adrian Peterson Doesn’t See Many Snaps

There’s a reason that Adrian Peterson didn’t get that many runs in Monday night’s game. The Saints fell behind early and spent the entire second half in desperation catch-up mode. Kamara and Ingram are both much better pass catchers and Ingram is a stud when it comes to picking up blitzes in the passing game. Pass protection and pass catching aren’t things that come to mind when we think of Adrian Peterson and his skill set.

Unfortunately, given what we saw from the Saints defense in week one, falling behind or getting into a shootout seems like a much more likely situation that the Outcome 1. With Drew Brees being forced to air it out to keep pace with Brady and company, Peterson will get increasingly frustrated that he’s not on the field. And given his ego, it would almost certainly become a distraction either on the sidelines or in post-game interviews.