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Will Adrian Peterson fit in New Orleans? Saints will find out this week

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Outcome One: Saints Get Early Lead and Lean on Adrian Peterson

This is the only positive outcome that I see and it also happens to be the least likely scenario, which is why I’m starting with it. There is a possibility, remote that it may seem, that the Patriots come out sluggishly after a week and a half off and the Saints are able to jump out to an early lead.

In that case, Peterson and Ingram would both be fed the ball early and often in an attempt to keep the ball out of Tom Brady’s hands and shorten the game. Peterson would get between 15-20 carries with this game script, and he might even have a 100-yard game.

The Saints would win, post-game interviews would be jubilant, and the narrative surrounding the Saints and Peterson would do a complete 180 next week. I’d love for this to happen but I wouldn’t bet on it.