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Will Adrian Peterson fit in New Orleans? Saints will find out this week

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Adrian Peterson’s time in New Orleans didn’t get off to the start either he or fans was hoping for. After carrying a host of Vikings defenders for a nine-yard run to start the game, Peterson would go on to only see nine total snaps.

Tensions peaked in a heated exchange between Sean Payton and Adrian Peterson. It was caught on ESPN. I’m sure you’ve seen it by now, but let’s just say it wasn’t a particularly great look for a Saints team that was getting dominated on the road.

After both Sean Payton and Peterson tried to downplay the confrontation in post-game interviews, Peterson made national headlines once again when he proclaimed, “I didn’t sign up for nine snaps.” Yeesh. This situation appears to be going from bad to worse in a hurry, and I’m sure to the chagrin of the Saints organization, this friction is very public. So the question becomes, where will we go from here?

We will get an answer on Sunday. Given the egos of Adrian Peterson and Sean Payton, something has to give, and it will give sooner than later. I see three possible outcomes, and two of them are bad for the Saints.