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New Orleans Saints Film Room: what must improve against Patriots?

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Play #5

This play demonstrates safety Kenny Vaccaro’s lack of run support. Here, Vaccaro bursts upfield and takes himself completely out of the play, which frees up the outside for Cook. Vaccaro’s responsibility here is to stick his inside shoulder into the pulling guard and maintain outside leverage (the yellow rectangle). By doing so, Cook is forced inside to where the help is coming (Cam Jordan, A.J. Klein, etc.). Another option would have been to take the pulling lineman out. By chopping them down this creates a pile and makes it harder for Cook to navigate, while giving time for other Saints defenders to rally. Discipline is critical in run support. Making the play does not necessarily mean making the tackle. Had Vaccaro held outside leverage while squeezing the line of scrimmage, Cook would not have had this much success.


As you can see, the New Orleans Saints secondary had problems in week 1. There were several missed assignments in both the run and pass game. The Patriots come to town in week 2 and they boast an offense filled with elite talent. For the Saints to have any success in stopping this well-oiled machine, they must improve. It starts with discipline.