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New Orleans Saints Film Room: what must improve against Patriots?

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Play #2

Lattimore misses another assignment on this play. The Saints come out in man coverage against the Vikings’ bunch formation. The coverage concept here has a few different names, but I’ve learned it as “Banjo”. What this means is, the Saints defenders each have the responsibility of covering the receiver that “comes into their zone”. So, for instance, circled is P.J. Williams, who picks up Rudolph leaking into the flat. Next, both Thielen and Diggs continue up the field, until Thielen breaks out. This is Lattimore’s assignment. Had Thielen broke in, he’d have been linebacker A.J. Klein’s responsibility. At the top, safety Marcus Williams’ assignment is to take the deepest route (Diggs). The bottom line: Lattimore, whether it be he did not hear a Banjo call or thought Thielen was going over the middle, missed his assignment.