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New Orleans Saints 2017 season outlook

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The Home Stretch: Saints final four: 2-2

@ Falcons 12/7

Who Dats would like to “thank” the NFL schedule makers for giving us Atlanta in 2 of our last 4 games. Joy. Atlanta in Atlanta to open December. I’ll reverse the trend here – we win on the road.

Jets 12/17

We have the Jets at home also – that could end up as a trap game. They are bad, but they’ll win 4-5 games this year and this is the type of game they could win. I’m counting it as a win, but be wary of that game.

Falcons 12/24

Two weeks after the first meeting of 2017, Atlanta comes to the REAL Mercedes-Benz domed stadium, and they win against us. Atlanta didn’t lose 4 preseason games on accident, and rarely do teams win this division in consecutive years. Their offense without Kyle Shanahan will not be as efficient. But in our division, all teams play each other tough, and Atlanta won’t have fallen that far off.

@ Buccaneers 12/31

We close the season with Tampa Bay in Tampa. This game could be tremendously important for the Saints. We could be a 9-win team looking for win 10 that might be a playoff berth. But I’m not going to stray from my formula; 3-3 in the division and that’s a loss.

Overall, I see the Saints finishing 10-6 with luck and no injuries, 9-7 to 8-8 with injury issues. We will win more on defense. Our offense will not be outscoring people as much as in the past because we will run the ball more with more weaponry.

I think the short passing game will be brought back to life as well, as I think (read: HOPE) a ball and clock control offense will be implemented. Fewer giveaways would be our key to success, keeping our offense on the field longer than our defense.

I do believe this is a better than .500 team. Whether they are a playoff team or not, I don’t know – a lot of things have to fall our way. But I’ll say this – not much has gone our way the last few seasons. This year is starting no different – Delvin Breaux, Nick Fairley and Terron Armstead are cornerstones of this team and they are not with us.

And just this week we find out brand new long snapper will need open heart surgery. A team cannot be so snakebit for so long, particularly when they are doing things better in the front office with free agent moves. Our schedule isn’t nearly as tough as last season’s also, so that bodes well for success.

Here’s to a fantastic Saints season!