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New Orleans Saints 2017 season outlook

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Saints third four: 3-1

@ Bills 11/12

This is where it gets tough to pick. The Saints could and should win every one of their games rounding the back turn. Buffalo has little to offer offensively. In Buffalo, in November, it could be a little dicey, but I think we win there.

Redskins 11/19

I’m not on the Redskins bandwagon as others might be – I just don’t see them to be very strong, plus they get beat down in their own division.

@ Rams 11/26

The Rams – well we absolutely demolished them last season. There’s no reason to think that we wouldn’t go to California and at least get a win. They are a few years from being complete.

Panthers 12/3

Carolina is a bugaboo. I have us losing to them at Carolina in Week 3 and I feel like we split with them, so I’m thinking we win at home. That means we lose one of the other games. Every year the Saints lose one or two games they should win, so I’m hedging here – either Washington comes in and beats us, or the Rams are embarrassed from last season and exact revenge in California. Both are should win games but we drop one.

That has us at 8-4. I could absolutely see 7-5 at this point too, but I do feel like we are over .500. We need to be because the ending stretch is hairy.