New Orleans Saints 2017 season outlook

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Saints second four: 3-1

Lions 10/15

After the post London bye week, the Saints return to action against the Lions at home. The Saints were thoroughly defeated in 3 games last season – the two against Atlanta and the Detroit Lions game. Of course losing to Atlanta is always bad, but losing to a NFC Champion Atlanta team in hindsight isn’t quite as devastating. Losing to Detroit, however, is not the same. Yes, they were a playoff team, but this wasn’t a wonderful team. This is a team when you look at your schedule, you expect to beat. And we were coming off a demolishing of the Rams, so expectations were high. We win this time around.

@ Packers 10/22

The Saints have been surprisingly good against Green Bay in the Sean Payton era, going 3-2 against a very good Green Bay program. But only one of those 3 wins was at Lambeau Field. Weather shouldn’t be an issue that early in the season, but no matter. Though their defense isn’t tremendous, Aaron Rodgers is one of the best. Loss.

Bears 10/29

The Chicago Bears visit the following week. This team simply has been a rudderless ship for several years. Things aren’t much better this year, even without Cutler. And Saints fans still aren’t over the 2006 NFC Championship game, where we were greeted with signs referring to FEMA trailers and Katrina negativity, as well as pelted with snowballs, some with batteries in them. Win.

Buccaneers 11/5

Tampa Bay is my prohibitive favorite to win this division this year. This team will be stacked. The addition of DeSean Jackson makes them that much tougher. We will struggle with them tremendously, but I feel that in our division we may split with every team, so I’m giving us the home win.

If at the midway point we are still at .500 or better, we are in excellent shape. I have us up 5-3 at the midway point.