New Orleans Saints: Madden 18 player ratings, “loved or snubbed?”

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 03: Drew Brees
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 03: Drew Brees /
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NFL players across all 32 teams received ratings to be incorporated in the new MADDEN 18. Did they get it right for the Who Dats?

It’s here. The long-awaited release of today’s most popular football gaming franchise: Madden 18. For over 25 years Madden Football has given fans the football they love at their fingertips. New uniforms, player updates, rosters, game-play modes and much more give users a truly authentic experience.

Madden Football garners much attention leading up to and following its release. Mainly because fans, and even the players themselves, are anxious to know RATINGS. Devout fans pray that the “Madden Gods” (a common reference to whoever is in charge of establishing player ratings) have rated their respective teams and players generously.

As for the players themselves, the ratings take on a different meaning. For the disappointed, they can be taken and used as motivation. For the satisfied, perhaps a boost of confidence. Either way, it’s all in good fun. Below, the 2017 NFL Draft class was given a whiteboard and the opportunity to take a guess on several of their ratings. Watch as they react to the revelation of their true Madden 18 ratings:

With the full player ratings revealed for the New Orleans Saints, let’s get into a game we’ll call “Loved or Snubbed”. I’ve sifted through the ratings and pulled out some key guys I thought were either fairly rated by the “Madden Gods” as well as a couple that were a bit neglected. Without further ado, let’s begin.