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New Orleans Saints: Dean Mullen’s Mock Draft 4.0 (Defense Rules)

NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 08: Delvin Breaux
NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 08: Delvin Breaux /
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In my fourth installment of mock drafts, there is more of an abundance of emphasis on defense. This one took a lot of research.

This is the first mock where five of the seven picks are all defense. There is one huge shocker at the top, but in my opinion it’s gonna make sense. To tell the truth, this draft is a as deep as they come especially at the cornerback position.

Additionally, this is the first time that the running back position did not show up in my mock drafts. The reason being, is that there are just too many backs that can be plucked from the undrafted pool. In my opinion, there’s at least three that can have impacts once the draft is completed. None of those three will be drafted most likely. The New Orleans Saints need defense for sure. That being said, there is one player on offense that is just too darn good to pass up. The reason that offense was chosen as the first pick at #11 was because of the undeniable success that this player will have on the next level.

So here we go…