New Orleans Saints: Top 10 outrageous predictions for 2017 (re-released)

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 01: Drew Brees
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 01: Drew Brees /
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What’s a new year without having a little bit of fun. Some of this may come true. Some of this may be far fetched. This upcoming 2017 season will be with plenty of trials and tribulation.

This upcoming season will be “The Year” as far as how this franchise will go forward on into the next few years. Just yesterday afternoon, the news broke that the Saints fired five coaches: Bill Johnson, Stan Kwan, Greg Mcmahon, Joe Vitt, and James Willis. To some, this may have been a surprise. Many of these coaches still had plenty of time remaining on their contracts.

At the same time, Sean Payton has done some of these bold moves and decisions before. The Black and Gold will look very different next season. Payton will likely stay on, but nothing is set in stone. Someone made this call, whether it was Benson or Loomis. This one statement from upper management is very clear. No one is safe.

So, although these predictions are seemingly on the outrageous side, some could come true. The Saints have been around a long time, way before Drew Brees. The Saints were alive even before Sean Payton. Yes both men have been kings among men during their time here. However, the three year streak of 7-9 seasons have simply been enough. Here are some gutsy moves the Saints may choose to make in 2017. While these predictions are just for pure entertainment for the most part, things are definitely getting a little tense on Airline Drive. So enjoy with discretion.