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The 2016 New Orleans Saints are leaving fans breathless


If there is one thing common theme that has been consistent this year, it’s the topsy-turvy endings of almost every game. This last week was no different. Who Dat Nation may wanna keep their doctor’s phone number close just in case. The scary part is, we’ve only just gotten past the halfway point.

Last Sunday the Saints found another way to torture Who Dat Nation with another last minute loss. As the fans celebrated their touchdown to tie up the game against the Denver Broncos, Wil Lutz was preparing to give the Saints a one point edge with an extra point. Instead, the kick was blocked and returned for 2 points which gave the Broncos an unlikely win.

Supposedly, this is the first time this scenario has played out in an NFL game. Only to the 2016  New Orleans Saints can this keep happening. Five of the nine games the Saints have played have finished within a three point differential. And many of those games have come down to last second field goals, two point conversions, and inexplicable outcomes that no one could have even imagined.

Some have been some incredible plays like this 52 yard game winning field goal by Wil Lutz. This was his first game winning kick.

Others have not been so kind. The game against the Oakland Raiders was an example how the NFL Gods have not been so kind to Who Dat Nation.

It’s a wonder, how can this keep happening to the Black and Gold every other game. The Saints are now sitting at 4-5 and still have a chance to make the postseason. The only problem is that the ways these games are going, fans will have a hard time swallowing these last minute contests week after week.

The team is surely fighting no doubt. It just seems that as they pull out an improbable win, a heartbreaking loss follows.

Who knows what will happen against the Carolina Panthers this week. One thing is for sure there will be drama, and there will be another last minute play that will most likely affect the outcome