The New Orleans Saints are right there in the playoff mix


The Saints win over the Seattle Seahawks was surely a big one for this young team this year. Even more important though, is where the Saints are sitting right now in the NFC. The 3-4 record is only one back of the current #6 seed.

Somehow the 0-3 Saints are now the 3-4 Saints with plenty of confidence going into the halfway point of the season. Whether or not the Saints actually make it is still way far to be determined.  At least finally, the Black and Gold did play four quarters this Sunday and defeated the Seahawks at home.

The Saints find themselves in the best position all year with a meeting with the 49ers to reach that .500 point. If the Black and Gold can find a way to just simply come out on top next Sunday, the season will be a brand new one. If anything, the players and coaches should get credit for sticking together and clawing their way back into contention.

The Saints join a slew of teams which include: The Eagles, Redskins, Lions, Cardinals, Rams, and Buccaneers. All of which are within one game as it stands right now. And even the NFC South is not out of reach just yet, as Atlanta is only 5-3 with one game left against the Saints.

I think it’s way too early to try and figure out how the Saints will react after the momentous win. They have struggled before with teams that are simply not very good. However, this game against the 49ers is still a road game, and anything can happen. Supposedly, CB Delvin Breaux and  DT Sheldon Rankins may return to the lineup this Sunday. Regardless, the Saints will again need to win this game.

The NFL Playoffs are all about what team gets hot at the right time. This has happened before. Who Dat Nation can hold out hope for a little longer as the Saints are at least making things interesting in November.