Saints vs. Seahawks: Offense vs. Defense

SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 11: Cornerback Richard Sherman
SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 11: Cornerback Richard Sherman /

They say the best games in the NFL usually happen, when the two teams have opposing strengths. This Sunday will be one of those games. The New Orleans Saints will face the Seattle Seahawks Sunday which may be one of the most entertaining games of the year.

Although this article is nearly two years old, there’s some great stuff in it that provides some tips to throw off the Seahawks’ defense. A lot of the story focuses on what can be done before the ball is snapped on offense.

The Saints will need to pull out all the stops to try and muck up the defense. Another words, using motions, audibles, and shifts to name a few will help throw off the Seahawks’ tempo. This game against the Seattle Seahawks will be a true test to see if the Saints are playoff worthy.

Sean Payton had this to say about the Seahawks:

"“When you watch the tape, there are two things (that stand out), They’re very talented, and I would say they have outstanding technique. “"

The Saints will have to do things differently for this specific game to even stand any chance of coming close. This is a great clip describing some of the pre snap things quarterbacks do before the ball is snapped from WR Randy Moss and LB Brian Urlacher.

If anything else, the common fan will finally know what the heck “Omaha” really means. The Saints will also need to control tempo in this game. This will include running the ball effectively. Moreover, the Seahawks are one of the stingiest defense against the run and allowing points. Identically, the Saints are one of the best at scoring points this season. Something will have to give.

Confusion could be the best possible tactic the Saints can use on Sunday that may just work. Seattle is no doubt the better team by far. However, any team can be beat in one game. The Saints will need to simply have the edge in turnovers as well. Hopefully a +2 turnover ratio will occur in the game. For this battle will be the ultimate test. Who Dat Nation will know if this 2016 team is good enough to pass this “bear” of a test.