It’s time for the New Orleans Saints to unleash angry Mark Ingram

NEW ORLEANS, LA - DECEMBER 06: Mark Ingram /

The New Orleans Saints drafted Mark Ingram in the first round in 2011. Regardless, of what the opinion of what Who Dat Nation has had of him it doesn’t matter. Now more than ever it’s time to let the man loose. Let him run. Five years of  giving him the ball an average of 10 times is not enough.

There is no better time to go ahead and feed the rock to Mark Ingram starting this Monday against the Falcons. The Saints are 0-2 and Ingram is way overdue to finally start getting an opportunity to be a feature back. His numbers have been consistent and above average for the most part since 2011. His average has been an astounding 4.5 and above the last three years.

If the Saints believe that he’s the guy then let him have it! Brees could use the help surely enough. Ingram deserves a chance. What could the Saints be waiting for? Micky Loomis obviously believes in him enough to pay him $16 million over four years which included a $7.6 million signing bonus.

Our running game right now is non-existent. Why not just stick with one guy and see if the Saints can get Ingram in a rhythm. Some backs need to have those carries to start performing even better. The Saints have seen Ingram struggle with some injuries no doubt. But now the coaches need to unleash the man.

The reason that the Black and Gold has backups is to provide security just in case. Ingram has undeniably the number one back. There’s simply no way the Saints can keep winning consistently when Brees is tossing it around 40-50 times a game. Mainly, because quick scores would put the defense on the field for a longer period of time.

My strategy would to put Ingram in and pound it hard against the Falcons this Monday. Honestly, the fans are hungry for more “Angry Ingram.” When Ingram gets the ball more, he tends to run more bullish and hard nosed. Feed him the ball and let’s see what happens.