2016 NFL Mock Draft: All-time New Orleans Saints players edition

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123. <p>The Cowboys get their running back. A defensive pick would make sense here as well, but the value and outlook is too good to pass up. The running game for the Cowboys took a step back last season with the departure of DeMarco Murray. Darren McFadden is not the solution. Tony Romo has become increasingly injury prone, and the fewer hits he has to take, the better off this Cowboys team will be. Plus, watching Deuce run behind an offensive line like that would be fascinating.</p>. RB. Ole Miss. Deuce McAllister. 4. player

player. 52. <p>The Jaguars need some kind of identity for their defense. The pieces are there on the offensive side with Bortles, Robinson, and Yeldon, but the defense is a hodge-podge of high-price free agents, no-names, and mediocre draft picks. Sam Mills brings some leadership to that unit as well as a ton of talent. Over the course of his career, he played in 181 games and racked up more than 1,300 tackles – all while barely scratching 5-foot-9.</p>. LB. Montclair State. Sam Mills. 5

player. 26. <p>Like the Jaguars, the Ravens need plenty of help on defense after having their unit ravaged by injuries last year. What went slightly less noticed was the struggle of the passing game for Baltimore. Joe Flacco had few legitimate targets to throw to. He lost Torrey Smith in the offseason, Steve Smith in the middle of the season, last year’s first rounder Breshad Perriman missed the whole season, and his tight end group underachieved. Kamar Aiken was his top target. If the Ravens want to justify paying Flacco more money than any other quarterback in the league, they need to get him a reliable target. No receiver in New Orleans Saints history was more reliable than Mr. Reliable himself, Marques Colston.</p>. WR. Hofstra. Marques Colston. 6

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