Saints tackle Terron Armstead finally gets some love, named Pro Bowl alternate


Terron Armstead took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce that he could be representing the New Orleans Saints in the Pro Bowl as an alternate.

It’s about time.  After a near-flawless 2015 campaign as one of the NFL’s top offensive tackles, it was very disappointing to hear New Orleans Saints star left tackle Terron Armstead was not elected to the Pro Bowl.  The selection process is based on fan voting, so the more of a household name you are, the better chance you have at making the roster. It’s basically a popularity contest, which is very unfortunate for a number of players.

With Terron Armtead now being named a Pro Bowl alternate, it will give his name some recognition, paving the way for what will likely be many more appearances (yes, he’s that good) in the annual game that honors some of the league’s best talents.

The product of Arkansas-Pine Bluff is an absolute stud.  When you think of athleticism in football, you think of skill position players (receivers, running backs, cornerbacks, etc).  The last thing you likely think of is an offensive lineman.  They’re not athletic — they’re big and slow. And in many cases, that is true.  However, Terron Armstead is an exception, a big exception.

Armstead has not only become the team’s most reliable blocker for the running game, but he’s protecting Drew Brees’ blindside, which is critical for both a quarterback’s success and well being.  When it comes to age and ceiling, Armstead is arguably the most valuable piece to the future of this franchise.

The Saints struck third-round gold in 2013, and while Terron Armstead does have ‘every single attribute you want from a tackle’ (per Zach Strief), it’s his sheer athleticism that will really turn heads, especially at such a big size.

Whether or not he’ll actually make it to the NFL ‘all-star game’ is still a question.  Somebody will have to drop out since there are no more Pro Bowl offensive tackles left in the playoffs after Trent Williams and the Washington Redskins were eliminated.  Still, it’s nice to see a well-deserving name like Terron Armstead finally get that recognition.