Determining the New Orleans Saints’ core players moving forward

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Aug 13, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens running back Javorius Allen (37) carries the ball as New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Tyeler Davison (95) defends during the second quarter in a preseason NFL football game at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

DT Tyeler Davison:

Davison is another example of a player who has shown flashes, and who could become a difference maker for this team. But while the possibility exists for him to become a starter along the defensive line and consistent contributor, the tape he has put out so far this year has only given us flashes. Davison’s floor is probably at the John Jenkins level, acceptable, but not above average. His ceiling is probably closer to a player like Nick Fairely (not comparing them as individual players) in that he could be occasionally disruptive, but also inconsistent in his production.

There is absolutely NO reason that Davison shouldn’t make the roster next year, and he should be given every opportunity to develop and prove that he belongs in the team’s long-term vision. However, it would also be most prudent for the Saints to assume that he will not become a dominating interior presence that the team so desperately needs and instead look to add additional talent on the interior. My honest vision of the best case for Davison is that the Saints draft a real ‘destroyer in the middle‘ that they have missed for so long. This would allow Davison not to be the catalyst, which I don’t think he can be, but the complement to one. Davison, as the other interior linemen, could be a VERY effective player for the Saints. His raw power and effort when complemented by someone who actually draws attention (and can dominate 1 vs. 1 when Davison does) can be a great asset for the team.

I view Davison to be in the ‘third tier’ of young players on this roster. Not a core player, not a fringe guy (like Kikaha), but a solid piece that if complimented by the right players, can be a solid contributor for the team. That isn’t an attack on Davison in any way either. Great teams are often defined by their ability to not only bring in stars and difference makers, but players who do the ‘dirty work’ and fill their role. Remember something Saints fans — Scott Shanle has a Super Bowl ring for a reason. Role players are always important.

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