5 things to watch over the New Orleans Saints final four games

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Sep 20, 2015; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan (94), outside linebacker Kasim Edebali (91), inside linebacker Ramon Humber (53), and outside linebacker Hau

1. Effort

It’s the simplest thing in sports, and the only thing you can ever truly control, however it’s also one of the most difficult to maintain. It’s easy to put in tons of effort when you are winning. It is fun then, and it’s usually much easier to be a front runner. The New Orleans Saints organization, the coaches, and the players have all talked about what a great group this is and how high the character is.

I believe them in that regard (for the most part), but one of the best ways for them to prove it is to take pride in these final four games. Don’t do what last years team did and simply cash it in (which a number of players like Junior Galette did towards the end). Instead, take some pride in your work and give everything you have to do the best that you can every snap you are out there.

Most fans would agree with the statement that ‘it doens’t really matter if the Saints win or lose at this point’, and they would be right. The Saints win/loss record is going to be bad and there is no getting around that. What matters most here is not what they end up with, but how they get there. Lack of talent is something that is relatively easy to fix, lack of effort and character is much harder.

What this team lacks most right now is an identity, something that defines them. Maybe, just maybe, if they are able to give the same kind of effort they would if their record were reversed in these last few games, they may just be able to find something. Only time will tell, but while the playoffs certainly isn’t going to happen, that doesn’t mean the New Orleans Saints season is over and there is nothing for us to keep our eyes on.