New Orleans Saints: 5 things to help fans get over a bad year

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Sep 27, 2015; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen (88) catches the ball as New Orleans Saints cornerback Brandon Browner (39) defends in the second quarter at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

4. Turn Brandon Browner’s awfulness into comedy

Brandon Browner, a huge miss in free agency this past offseason, seems like he’s trying his best to be the worst.  Seriously — he is the lowest graded cornerback in the NFL this year.

From poor on-field performances highlighted by blown coverages and penalties, to Twitter rants with fans and media, to locker room meltdowns in front of the press, 2015 is not his season.

He even called Hall-of-Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe out on Twitter for having fake teeth Monday night.  Browner couldn’t take the criticism that comes with playing in the NFL.  And by criticism, I mean Sharpe turning Browner’s awfulness into comedy by saying he couldn’t cover a twin bed with a king sheet.  Ouch, but possibly true.

If you’re a New Orleans Saints fan, Browner’s antics are not funny, but try to look at it from a different perspective.  He’s done so much bad in such little time that it’s almost becoming comical.  Here’s a positive — at this rate, he won’t be playing for the New Orleans Saints next year, even if that means losing out on money.  He’s a bad look both on and off the field now.

The team has a better chance of winning if they give his roster spot to a cute and cuddly puppy dog.  At least we’d hear more “awws” and less boos, right?  Reviving Jason David from whatever miserable hole he’s hiding in may even give the team a better chance.

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