New Orleans Saints: Vinnie Sunseri’s rehab appears to be going well


New Orleans Saints safety Vinnie Sunseri didn’t expect his 2015 season to come to a screeching halt in his second year as a professional.

Sunseri was carted off the field during the team’s preseason home game against the Houston Texans on Sunday, August 30 after covering a punt in the second quarter. Sunseri needed help getting off of the field after an apparent knee injury.

Sunseri, who is a fiery and competitive spirit on the field, would be waived by the Saints on September 1 as part of their cuts to get down to 75 players, but brought back and placed on season-ending injured reserve on September 2.

Needless to say, it’s been quite some time since we’ve heard from one of the prides of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Today on his Twitter account, we got an update, and it looks as though Sunseri’s rehab is going extremely well.

Sunseri’s movement from the video is an extremely good sign.

As a rookie, Sunseri appeared in 9 games for the Saints before fracturing his arm in November against the San Francisco 49ers during Week 10 action.

Sean Payton has had a high opinion of Sunseri since joining the team during the 2014 NFL Draft as a 5th Round selection. In August, Payton said, “We felt like he would be able to contribute to special teams, be a guy that knew what we were doing. I think that applies this year. The key is how many snaps can he play in a course of a game if he subs and he has a jersey. And then, can he function maybe with less practice snaps in an event of an injury. I would say that would be a strength of his.”

Sunseri will turn 23 in September, and will enter his third season with the New Orleans Saints in 2016. Sunseri is a strong coverage player on special teams, and was notorious for making all sorts of plays that got the attention of the local media during numerous training camp sessions.

Sunseri should return to the fold and could actually be used more by the team next season with impending free agent safeties Rafael Bush and Jamarca Sanford set to become unrestricted during the offseason.