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NFL Week 11 picks: Saints can’t blow this one

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It is time to take a look around the league, Who Dat Nation. Because of the New Orleans Saints bye? No, because there are teams that actually care out there. Teams that don’t get ridiculed by immobile rookie quarterbacks. Teams full of players who stick to their assignments, do not lose sight of the oppositions tight end every other play and don’t get their few interceptions negated by holding calls for being run into at the line of scrimmage.

If you look back at the Redskins “game”, Brandon Browner was the only one frustrated by the course of it, showing it in hilarious fashion. Would angry players get blocked by slot receivers on the perimeter?  You decide. Speaking of decisions, most of our staff is looking to rebound from an upset weekend with this week’s picks.

NFL Week 11 – Staff picks

Thursday Night Football: Tennessee Titans (2-7) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6)

This game has huge implications for Saints fans as both teams could surpass our beloved Black and Gold in the draft order rather sooner than later,  thus not snagging Myles Jack away from us. Tennessee’s moms will not have to redirect their children’s view to butt-shaking cheerleaders this weekend as Blake Bortles has yet to take full advantage of the plethora of weapons around him. This game features two young talented passers whose arrows are pointing upwards, making for an entertaining game between rather weak teams. Make sure to keep an eye on the score in the second half when you switch to the Warriors at Clippers NBA game.

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