New Orleans Saints: Grading the offense through the first half of the season

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Sep 13, 2015; Glendale, AZ, USA; New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks (10) against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


The only member of this group who has met or exceeded expectations is Willie Snead. Unless your name is Nick Underhill you don’t get to say you even remotely saw Snead barely trailing Brandin Cooks for leading the team in receiving yards at week 9. Cooks has been a mixed bag up to this point for sure. There have been flashes, and on film he seems to be getting the separation deep that he needs to create the big plays we expect him to make. However, despite the time they spent together this off-season the chemistry between him and Brees is still clearly a work in progress as a few miscues from both of them shows this pairing to still be a work in progress.

The good news is that Cooks and Brees seem to be figuring things out, but up to this point in the season the duo have been disappointing. Snead has been a pleasant surprise, but the hands which were so sure early in the year have plagued him more and more as the season goes on. Snead has had a number of bad drops, and a couple of fumbles and tipped balls in key moments as well. While his production has been solid, the miscues and mistakes have hurt the team and have kept Snead from becoming a true threat for the team..yet.

The other two players in the corp have been anywhere from disappointing to outright disastrous. Marques Colston, with the exception of his game against the Giants, has been a broken shell of himself who clearly has ‘yips’. Colston has repeatedly dropped routine catches, fumbled the ball, and made huge mistakes in key moments all year. As fans we can only hope that Colston’s game against the Giants was a sign of him getting over whatever has been affecting his hands. If that is the case then expect this group to receive a much more favorable grade at the end of the year, but up to this point Colston has been a liability.

The biggest disappointment in the group is easily much hyped second year receiver Brandon Coleman. Coleman seems to make one nice catch a game and then to totally disappear for the rest of the game. As an UDFA it is understandable for him to have some issues truly mastering the offense and building up a rapport with Brees, however considering all the off-season hype and the expectations being placed on him Coleman has been a massive disappointment. If he can provide anything even close to resembling a consistent contribution in the offense his talent and abilities could become a great asset, but for the present time being Coleman is nothing more than a dream.

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