Saints tight end Benjamin Watson seeks to defy age again versus Titans


It seems New Orleans Saints fans, coaches, and players, especially quarterback Drew Brees, are becoming comfortable with the fact that All-Pro tight end Jimmy Graham is no longer catching passes in the Big Easy.  Why?  Well, because of the 34-year-old Benjamin Watson, of course.

Watson, who turns 35 in December, is defying age in his twelfth season in the NFL.  Off to the best start of his career, he’s becoming Mr. Reliable in the Saints’ passing game, especially in the past three contests where he’s racked up 23 catches for 333 yards and two touchdowns.

Through eight games in 2015, Benjamin Watson has accumulated a total of 38 grabs, which ranks third in the NFL, as well as 472 yards and three scores, both good for fifth among tight ends.  Not to mention, his catch percentage (82.6%) places at the very top of the list at the No. 1 spot.

He has turned in the top two performances of his career in two of his last three games.  His best outing yet came in this past Sunday’s ridiculous shootout victory over the New York Giants.  With nine catches for 147 yards and a touchdown, Benjamin Watson topped his career-high in receiving yards, which came just two weeks prior.

This man has discovered the fountain of youth, but not really.  Benjamin Watson is doing great things at this age because: A. He’s one of the most experienced, in-shape, and hardest working individuals on his team. B. He’s got a still elite quarterback in Drew Brees throwing him the football.  Brees is another man who some may consider an age-defying creature.

It’s been the Ben Watson show since training camp, and with him getting better each game it seems, he’ll look to continue his illustrious 2015 campaign this Sunday when the New Orleans Saints host the Tennessee Titans and their third-ranked pass defense.