Saints’ Cam Jordan among the best in the NFL at his job


After having what was perhaps the best game of his career Week 6 against the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan had another monstrous performance Sunday.  Ten days following the three-sack showing that Thursday night, Jordan racked up two more against the Indianapolis Colts, totaling his season sack numbers to six.

But what is the reasoning behind this sudden burst of consistent abuse on opposing quarterbacks?  Well, beginning with the Falcons game, Jordan was tried at defensive tackle in pass rushing situations, where he racked up two of his three sacks, getting by the slower interior linemen thanks to a combination of athletic moves, quick hands and often violent strength.

That’s quite impressive, but what’s even more promising is that he accumulated both his sacks Sunday rushing from the outside, which means he’s becoming a flexible force along the entire defensive line.

While Cam Jordan has always been a solid physical energy in the trenches, since making the Pro Bowl in 2013 after a 12.5 sack campaign, it’s safe to say he quieted down a bit in the pass-rushing category, totaling just 7.5 sacks in 2014 and beginning slow this season with only one through the first five games.

Don’t let the low numbers fool you though.  Jordan’s consistency at getting into the backfield never slowed down.  He just had problems finishing to get the sack, but the pressure was always there.  Don’t even get me started in the run-stop category — he’s arguably one of the league’s best.

Now, he seems like he’s molding into an all-around defensive lineman, and in elite manner.  Tied for second in the NFL in sacks with six and always a dominant force against the run, Cam Jordan grades out as the No. 1 overall defensive end through the first seven weeks with a Pro Football Focus grade of +30.7, ahead of Houston Texans stud J.J. Watt.  Jordan grades No. 1 against both the pass and run.

Cam Jordan is becoming one of the best in the NFL at his job and he looks to continue his superb effort and lead his sprouting defense to a turnaround season.  This young group is molding much faster than expected.  Their next challenge will be back at home against the New York Giants, who boast a young offensive line capable of error.

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