New Orleans Saints partner with DorsaVi


NFL teams are constantly looking for new ways to get better and gain an edge against the opposition and no one is hungrier for innovation than Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints.

That’s why the team will be utilizing new wearable technology from Australian medical device company, DorsaVi.

The major goal of the partnership with DorsaVi and its ViPerform sport science technology is to showcase how it can monitor and assess players’ bodies and help guide their recovery from injury.

DorsaVi operates with three sensors being placed on the lower back along the trail of the spine. The three sensors have two jobs in recording vital medical information from the human body while under the stress of football.

DorsaVi body motion sensors. Picture taken from

One sensor measures the movement of different places on the human body as it twists, takes a sudden step, accelerates, and decelerates during the course of the game.

The other sensor measures the activity of muscles near the surface of the skin using adhesive electrodes. It can measure muscle activation and movement in the human body at 200 frames per second.

The information that these sensors collect is of special importance to trainers. The hope is that this information can be used to improve their injury assessments, prevent injuries and monitor the progress of recovery therapy.

Other sports clubs have used this technology as well. The Cleveland Browns will also be using it this season. The NBA league champion Golden State Warriors and MLS soccer club Toronto FC used it last season.

Eventually this technology may be adopted for collegiate athletes, patients, and employees to help with their injury prevention and recovery.