Saints quarterback Drew Brees finishes No. 30 on NFL Top 100


New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees found himself a part of the NFL Top 100 for the fifth straight season since NFL Network began the series in 2011. However, his ranking took a giant hit year over year. Brees fell from the No. 6 to No. 30 position overall.

The ‘Top 100′ rankings are based on an off-season poll organized by the NFL. Players vote on their fellow peers based on the previous season performance, the vote goes to how the player will perform in the upcoming season.

The official Saints twitter handle responded accordingly. Well played, fellas.

Drew Brees led the NFL in passing last season, nearly throwing for 5,000 yards. He ended up 48 yards shy of the milestone, and averaged nearly 310 yards per game. Brees finished second in the league behind Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in accuracy, completing nearly 70 percent of his 659 passing attempts. Brees averaged 7.5 yards per pass, and had a touchdown-interception ratio of 33-17. He also earned a Pro Bowl selection.

The reaction to Brees’ ranking has stirred plenty of controversy with the Who Dat Nation, and rightfully so. One wonders if the band of players who voted on these rankings are also living by the creed that Drew Brees simply cannot produce without tight end Jimmy Graham. Last year saw Saints pass rusher Cam Jordan coming in at No. 99.

If you want to check out the video workup with player comments on Brees, go here.

Drew Brees is ranked as the NFL’s fourth all-time leading passer with 56,033 yards, trailing Brett Favre by 15,805 yards.

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