Report: Violent 2013 video of alleged Saints LB Junior Galette emerges


It has without question been a bumpy offseason for New Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette.

From an arrest on domestic violence charges to a pectoral injury that was once expected to require surgery, to a series of other off-field issues highlighted by a viral video, it’s been a bumpy start to 2015.

The only good news to  surface from all of this is that he will not need surgery on his pectoral muscle after a visit with Dr. James Andrews, the man who repaired Drew Brees some time ago.

Well, things may have just peaked to an all-time high, and not in a good way.  A spring break video from 2013 has emerged, and it’s not at all pretty.  A man reported to be Junior Galette is shown involved in a brawl on the beach, allegedly striking a woman repeatedly with a belt.  Some punches are also thrown at the end by the man thought to be Galette.

(Warning: This video contains disturbing images of violent behavior and explicit language)

The NFL has been made aware of the video.  Junior Galette is already scheduled to meet with the league at the end of the month regarding the domestic violence charges that were eventually dropped.

The story didn’t hold, and there were witnesses to help Junior Galette’s case.  There is a civil suit still brewing, but the original attorney representing the alleged victim dropped her as a client.

Regardless of the outcome, the NFL wants to meet with Galette about his January arrest, and they will.  However, the Saints’ leading pass rusher a season ago was confident things would end in his favor.  However, those were his words in an interview earlier this week.  After the release of this new video, things aren’t likely going to end well.  We have a big mess in New Orleans now.  Be sure to check back as the story progresses.

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