Stephone Anthony’s leadership qualities shining through for New Orleans Saints


It doesn’t take long for New Orleans Saints rookie linebacker Stephone Anthony to make a good impression on you. He’s upbeat, smiles often, respectful, and carries himself like a ten-year veteran.

“I’m just embracing the opportunity that I have. I’m just thankful. I can’t enough, and I’m living the dream,” Anthony said. “Everybody’s really gelling together, and you know that it’s going to take some more time, because we got some more work to do, but you can feel it.”

It doesn’t matter where Anthony will line up this season. He’s just ready to contribute. “Embrace my role. Whatever role I have, and make the best of it,” Anthony said. Anthony had some more memorable moments at mini camp today, most notably when he batted down a Ryan Griffin pass at the line of scrimmage. He also had an instance of running nearly stride for stride with Saints wide receiver Brandon Coleman some twenty yards down the field.

The Saints defense has attempted to simply things as much as possible this year, and turnovers have been a major focus. “Coach Rob Ryan does a great job of getting us to the ball and making sure we rally and get eleven hats to it,” Anthony said.

When asked about the process of transitioning as a rookie, Anthony said that he’s leaned heavily upon veteran David Hawthorne. “I’m the learning curve. Ya know, I’m the guy that’s going to get in the book and going to study. Ya know, figure out what I gotta do and help myself play faster everyday.”

When questioned about the leadership qualities he’s exhibited, Anthony added that he embraced the opportunity from Coach Dabo Swinney’s program at Clemson to lead guys and try to help them around him be better.

Coach Sean Payton stated today that Stephone Anthony is picking up things really quickly, and have been encouraged by him.

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