Saints receiver Joe Morgan clearly showing his maturity, energy


New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Morgan gets it. He’s more mature and serious these days, and it clearly shows in speaking with him. The Saints receiver spoke about today’s receiver production, and said that there were clearly opportunities.

“To everybody else, we probably looked good (today). As a group, we like to limit the drops, limit the balls on the grounds, limit the mistakes. We like to finish even if we’re on the ground or out-of-bounds.” As far as taking reps, Morgan talked about things not being a numbers games as far as one’s and two’s, saying you’re not going to make the team at OTAs or minicamp. However, Morgan was on the field quite a bit with the first team offense.

When asked about the energy for this year, Morgan said it’s all about competing. “There’s been a big emphasis on it. It’s naturally going to make you go harder. From last year to this year, it’s night and day. You can see guys out there flying all over the place trying to compete with each other, and not just offense versus defense, but offense versus offense. It’s just little things. It’s only going to make this team better.”

Joe Morgan had a highlight reel catch during practice today, when he caught a pass from Ryan Griffin. The ball was over Morgan’s head, he adjusted, and made a nice over the shoulder grab deep down the field.

Morgan was asked about facing the various cornerbacks, and who posed the biggest problem. “Thirty-nine. Browner. He’s the real deal. He’s every bit of 6’4″ or 6’5″. Strong. He’s a great addition to this team, and something we haven’t got the opportunity to see here before as receivers. We’ve been up against bigger corners, but going against that everyday, you get a feel for it.”

Morgan feels his fifth year gives him a leg up in the Saints receiver competition as a “vet”, comparing himself to his time at a rookie when he forgot plays, thought too much, and didn’t get to use his abilities. Now, he feels he’s in the best position to go out and execute. He spoke highly of the group of receivers competing for a roster spot this season, and says that each of them could play somewhere in this league.