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New Orleans Saints Rookie Minicamp: 5 Bold Predictions

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Doniel Gambrell, Notre Dame College

2. Notre Dame College guard Doniel Gambrell outshines offensive linemen

The New Orleans Saints surprised when they drafted Stanford offensive tackle Andrus Peat with their first pick, but Drew Brees needs his protection.  Peat should be a fine long-term addition — all eyes are on him.

But what about the unknowns, specifically Doniel Gambrell?  A family man, Gambrell truly has an amazing story.  He had to give up a collegiate career at Eastern Michigan for personal reasons, but his commitment and hard work payed off, eventually landing him a gig with Notre Dame College, all while raising a family.

With excellent size (6’6, 310 LBS) and strength, Gambrell has the physical skill set to excel, but it’s his work ethic and determination that could land him on the final roster.  Look for the man full of heart to give the offensive linemen a run for their money at minicamp.

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