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New Orleans Saints Draft: Our Final Thoughts

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It’s here football fans! NFL Draft Day 2015. The days of mocking picks and speculation are over. It’s go time. If you feel completely lost, be sure to brush up on all things related to the next three days by visiting our New Orleans Saints Draft Hub. You are sure to find a plethora of prospect profiles, previous mock drafts, late round gems, and much more!

So, who’s the best candidates for the Saints with two first round picks tonight? Who is our favorite draft prospects that we want to see in black and gold? Who are some names we absolutely want to stay as far away from as humanly possible?

I’ve asked my staff to share their final thoughts on a few subjects related to the New Orleans Saints and the NFL Draft. Before you click on, I’d like to say that I can’t thank our readers enough for the support over the past few months to help our site continue to grow. I’m extremely proud of my staff for their hard work, they’re truly something special.

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