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NFL 2015 Draft Guide for New Orleans Saints fans: Key positional rankings


When looking at the NFL draft, wouldn’t you love to have a ranking of  players by position to determine who will be drafted first and who should go next? But if you’ve ever looked at the scouting reports, there are varying opinions as to where players should be ranked for the position.  So, I combed through five highly rated scouting reports and came up with an average by player and used the average as my ranking guide.  Next I pared down the positions to the one I think the New Orleans Saints will draft and also let you know if the draft depth for the position was average or above average.

To give you some more juice on draft day, I linked every Who Dat Dish article I could get my hands on so you would have the coverage you want.  And presto, the database was born.  (If the name is in bold, click to get the full analysis.)  I hope this guide is a handy reference point during the draft for any New Orleans Saints or football fan.

NFL 2015 Draft Database for Key New Orleans Saints Positions

I used the following draft reports to compile this list: CBSSports,, Mike Detillier, Mike Loyko, and OurLads. (While most of us would like to watch at least three games on each player in the draft and give you our impressions on more than 100 players, I find the scouts who have done the work and talked with the college program coaches and trainers know so much more than we do. I am willing to rely on the experts.)

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