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The Buccaneers Could Become NFC South Contenders Overnight


The Atlanta Falcons spend more time on the New Orleans Saints radar than anyone else in the league for good reason – for one thing they’re almost next door neighbors. In recent times the Carolina Panthers have knocked them off the pedestal, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven’t run with the big dawgs since they swash buckled their way to a Lombardi Trophy in 2002. But the fact remains that their luck could change in a heartbeat with the right signings.

I was almost tempted to ignore the reports Monday night when Adrian Peterson’s agent Ben Dogra posted a ‘selfie” picture on his social media account in front of an Adrian Peterson Jersey, but not quite. Adrian’s agent was wearing a Bucs hat, leading to much media speculation about possible first class fight accommodations for AP to Tampa Bay.

Would Adrian help the Bucs ground game? Absolutely…
Would he help enough to make them a serious threat? Maybe…
Is Ben Dogra trying to blow smoke up our skirt? Probably… Maybe…

The fact is, even a poor quarterback sees as huge increase in options when he gets a barn-burning run game going on the field to distract an already tired defense. Am I going to lose any sleep over it? No, but I’ll be keeping one wary eye on the NFC transaction records for the time being. The one thing the Saints don’t need is another distraction in 2015, and we know first hand not to take things for granted..

If the New Orleans Saints fans have learned anything at all since 2009, it’s that fortunes can be turned upside down in the time it takes to say ‘NFC South division in the NFC Playoffs’.

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