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2015 New Orleans Saints Schedule Revealed!


At long last! The NFL schedule is finally here! I’m sure you don’t care about the other thirty-one team schedules right now though. You want to know what the New Orleans Saints schedule looks like, right? Well, here it is!

Just for kicks, here was my New Orleans Saints schedule prediction from yesterday.

Week 1 (Sunday, September 13) – at Carolina
Week 2 (Sunday, September 20) – Tampa Bay
Week 3 (Sunday, September 27) – Tennessee
Week 4 (Sunday, October 4) – at Arizona (PT)
Week 5 (Sunday, October 11) – at Washington
Week 6 (Sunday, October 18) – Detroit
Week 7 (Sunday, October 25) – at Atlanta (PT)
Week 8 (Sunday, November 1) – Jacksonville
Week 9 (Sunday, November 8) – BYE
Week 10 (Sunday, November 15) – at Tampa Bay
Week 11 (Sunday, November 22) – at Indianapolis (PT)
Week 12 (Sunday, November 29) – Dallas (PT)
Week 13 (Sunday, December 6) – at Philadelphia
Week 14 (Sunday, December 13) – Atlanta
Week 15 (Sunday, December 20) – NY Giants
Week 16 (Sunday, December 27) – at Houston (PT)
Week 17 (Sunday, January 3) – Carolina

We have known about the Saints 2015 Opponents since the end of December. All that was left was for the schedule makers to piece together the rest. Here’s a reminder of the team’s preseason schedule:

Week 1 (August 7-10) | at Baltimore Ravens

Week 2 (August 22) | New England Patriots

Week 3 (August 30) | Houston Texans (FOX, 3:00 p.m. CST)

Week 4 (September 3-4) | at Green Bay Packers

The Saints attempt to put aside their disappointing 7-9 season behind them, and it’ll start Sunday, September 13 when they take on. Based on the offseason moves and nine draft choices they possess, the Saints certainly have the tools to do so.

Some things I’m looking forward to, and some schedule notes:

  • Rematches against Dallas and Atlanta
  • This is the fifth time in six years the team plays the Cowboys, which always attracts a giant crowd.
  • The team has not played the NFC East since 2012, and the AFC South since 2011
  • After playing three straight Thursday Night Football games on the road, the Saints finally get to host one.
  • The three prime time games are all featured at home.

What do you think of the Saints schedule? Is it tough? Easy? Did you think we’d have more or less prime time games? Which matchup(s) are you looking forward to most? What road trip games are you checking into first?