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Saints visitor Randy Gregory redeems himself after “boring” comments about New Orleans


Okay, we can’t argue the fact that the younger, less mature athletes have a tendency to poorly word their thoughts on Twitter in 140 characters or less.  Nebraska DE/OLB Randy Gregory proved this point after expressing his opinion about the great city of New Orleans while on a visit with the Saints.

“Idk what the big deal about New Orleans is. Seems pretty boring to me lol wrong time of year???”  Easy, Randy.  You visited the Big Easy on a rainy Monday night just one day after the legendary French Quarter Festival came to an end.

Of course, that tweet did not settle well with many New Orleans Saints fans, who can be very defensive about their city, and should be.  What’s not to love about the place?  The food, the music, the culture, the nightlife and the resilience all make it a unique destination that rarely warrants complaints from visitors and tourists.

Relax, people.  He justified his statement and apologized for the confusion.  He understands the “boring” situation now, after backlash from countless fans.  He even went on to start a “#reasonsilovenola” hashtag, which expressed his respect for the team and their championship run, and love for former Saints backup quarterback Mark Brunell.

I’m not saying Sean Payton and GM Mickey Loomis should automatically draft Randy Gregory.  The kid has seen his fair share of troubles after testing positive for marijuana at the NFL Scouting Combine in February, causing him to slide down the big board for the upcoming selection process.

Still, his talents and high ceiling at the next level are undeniable.  It will be interesting to see what kind of approach the Saints take with the No. 13 overall pick if Gregory is available.  The first round of the 2015 NFL Draft is set to kick off Thursday, April 30 in Chicago.

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