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New Orleans Saints draft board: The case for the strongest positions of need

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The ongoing ‘great debate’ on what the New Orleans Saints should do with their thirteenth and thirty-first overall pick in the NFL Draft is all over the board. It’s hard to find a NFL Mock Draft that screams consistency for the Saints. You can safely say that an edge rusher has been the most common theme for the black and gold by most mock analysts, including yours truly. However, I’ve since changed my tune.

Despite addressing needs through free agency and keeping some of their own, the New Orleans Saints still need help in several areas, especially in the depth department.

In the grand scheme of things, what’s truly the best course of action for the 13th and 31st picks? Is it best to look at an edge rusher for Rob Ryan’s defense? Do the Saints really need to target an offensive weapon early for Drew Brees? Should the team address the interior offensive line? What about trading back one of those?

Let’s look at why each of these could make sense on Day One of the draft.

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