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The five best New Orleans Saints free agent signings under Sean Payton (excluding Drew Brees)

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Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan Goodwin, Marques Colston, Reggie Bush (Source:

Part of the rebuilding process in 2006 included protecting new commodity Drew Brees. Although center Jonathan Goodwin didn’t start out of the gate with that duty (see Jeff Faine), he would eventually get his chance from 2008-2010. He would start and play in 45 of 48 games for the black in gold during that stretch, and was a critical piece in the offense.

Goodwin would make the Pro Bowl as a reserve in 2010, and earned a Madden Most Valuable Protector award in 2009. He was a strong locker room leader, and incredibly gifted at both run and pass blocking.

If you ever underestimated the value of an interior line, more importantly a center, then re-visit the past couple of seasons. Goody was simply the best for a long time under Sean Payton.

After Goody left for San Francisco following the 2010 season, the Saints went into a bit of a tailspin with their center position. Goodwin would return in 2014 for a second stint on a one-year contract, and although it didn’t work out nearly like any had hoped, we can’t help but admire his toughness and grit for powering through the many injuries he had to deal with.

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